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John Bentley

Your journey in finding the ideal portrait photographer

Before you embark on the journey of trying to find a portrait photographer you must discuss with yourself and your family what exactly are these portraits for and who are they for. Also what style is it that you are requiring.

All too often people are searching the internet for the cheapest photographer they can find. Often the cheapest photographer is not actually the best to produce what it is that you are looking for in a portrait. If you really are looking for the cheapest, you will be searching forever. There will always be someone willing to be cheaper than the one cheap photographer you just found.

Tip: Really consider what it is you are looking for in a portrait and then decide on it’s value in your mind.

One of the first thing you should do is decide what kind of a portrait it is that you are after.

Will it be a canvas
Does it need to look like a photograph
Does it need to look like a painting
Does it need to show the fun side or the serious side to you and your family.
Whereabouts is the portrait going to be hanging
How large do you want the portrait
Is it for the walls
Is it for the album or just to be displayed on the dining room table, dresser, or lounge coffee table.
All our portrait sittings are fun, but do you want the photograph to show the fun that has been had or do you want a more serious looking portrait

All these considerations need to be thought through. What we do here at Bentley portraits potentially look at most portrait but that do not have fun all our customers will tell you the experience was wonderful had so much fun laughs and giggles but when it came down to the actual portrait produced, our client are looking for something a little more serious.

Yes we do take one a two silly shots. the odd ones you just want to put in the album, but not something you’d want to be hanging on the wall of your dining room or living area.

Many people call our studio or send us a text message email asking us how much is a portrait. We always answer this with ”our sittings are free’ you pay nothing to have your portrait taken.

How much would it cost for the images I have people asking. Without me knowing want it is you actually require I cannot tell you.

Do you want a small portrait or a large wall portrait.
Do you want fineart paper or standard C-Print.
How about our beautiful art canvas, that comes in several finishes.
Are going to want us to frame them? If you choose to have us create your portrait framed and displayed at 30″ or bigger, then we can lifetime guarantee these original pieces of art.

You see it is not always something that can be answered immediately. We can give you a ballpark figure and tell you that if you go for our cheapest option it would be Archival C-print for one image, but that’s not really going to be giving you the answer you’re looking for, is it.

Please also bare in mind that our reputation in the art of portraiture is that we produce dark, moody and a more serious piece of art for your walls. We capture the true subtle smile within the eyes of our sitters.

Remember! there will always be cheaper than the cheapest you can find.

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Have you considered booking a portrait

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