Every portrait you see here is a collaboration between me and my subject.

Painterly Portraiture

Do you want to add a little bit of magic to your portraits?

The Classic Art Portrait


Digital painting is generally less expensive than traditional painting, as it does not require the purchase of expensive materials or equipment. This means that the buyer can commission a high-quality portrait at a more affordable price.

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The Mixed Media Portrait

I start with a photograph, but I don’t stop there.

My goal is to capture the essence of the person in front of me—not just their physical features, but their personality, their mood, and their day. It can be challenging to do this in a single image, so I like to use mixed media to enhance what’s already there and bring out more of what the person has to offer.

I start with digital brushstrokes that help convey my subject’s spirit, then I render it onto canvas or paper and embellish it further with oils/acrylics/gel mediums.

The result is a painting that captures someone’s soul—and yours as well!